Welcome to Ekuja Hunting Safaris in Namibia

 Ekuja Hunting Safaris want to welcome rifle hunters as well as bow hunters to    400 000 acres of concession areas all over Namibia, of which 66 000 acres is  privately owned; populated with more than 20 species of plains game grazing on  our private property with fearless cats roaming among them.

 With our main camp situated on the banks of the Black Nossob River intersecting  this beautiful savannah landscape, Ekuja is one of the few properties in Namibia  with more than 20 species of plains game right at our door step, harvesting the  best quality trophies you can get in Namibia, from a dik-dik to an eland; a    hunting feast for all bow hunters.

Successful trophy hunting in Africa requires the guidance of expert professional hunters -- and we have the best!

                Our passion for trophy hunting becomes your success in trophy hunting!

At Ekuja Hunting Safaris, we are dedicated to making your African trophy hunting safari a memory of a lifetime through our profesionalism; specialized in Hotel Management we will provide you with the best hospitality and the best African cuisine found in Namibia.

Come and experience one of the greatest adventures on earth; an African Trophy Safari that will enrich your life!

We invite you to contact any of our previous clients on our reference list, for one on one feeding and planning you African Trophy Hunting Safari, with Ekuja Hunting Safaris.

We will exceed every client's expectations and finish their safari by planning the next one!


                                                  COME AND ENJOY AFRICA WITH US

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                                                  WHY EKUJA HUNTING SAFARIS? 
                                               We love what we do and we do what we love!